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 Undead Dynasty Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Undead Dynasty Rules and Regulations   Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:29 pm

Undead Dynasty is currently on a 3-Strike System. Read below for more info. 

1. You MUST wear the UDD clan tag at all times. Your first violation will be a warning, any violation after that will start the strike system. 

2. All members MUST be 18+ unless approved by a General or a Commander. See "Chain of Command."

3. Under no circumstance will you ever rage quit out of a game excluding if you are playing by yourself/with a team and get in a modded lobby. The highest ranked official will determine if backing out is going to happen. See "Chain of Command."

4. No sexism, sexual harassment, racism or abuse of any kind towards a random in a lobby or another clan member will be tolerated and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We do not conduct ourselves that way. 

5. No hacking, cheating, glitches, or modding in public lobbies. If you are doing private lobbies and everyone agrees, this will be allowed. 

6. Be aware of who you are playing with. We do have underage people in the clan - the regular Undead Dynasty chat is just for general chat. We do have a NSFW chat that you can be added to where anything goes. When you are in a party chat, pay attention to who's in there and what you say. Be responsible for what comes out of your mouth. 

7. No matter how bad another clan member is doing, you will not; under any circumstances; bash, harass or make fun of their score. Undead Dynasty is about teamwork, not the individual. We win as a team, we lose as a team, we play as a team. 

8. When playing with the clan, you will need to play how everyone decides to play. If they want to hold down, you will hold down; if they want to run-n-gun, you can run. 

9. You must participate in clan events. This includes but is not limited to: Clan Meetings, Practices, Team Events, Fireteam Challenges, etc. If there are outside circumstances in which you cannot attend, you need to let a Lieutenant, Staff, General or Commander know. See "Chain of Command"

10. You cannot join another clan while in UDD. If a member of UDD sees you in another clan, you will be kicked immediately without any appeal. 

11. Play in a professional demeanor during games. This means do not go into a lobby and immediately talk-smack or bash another player. Whether you are playing by yourself or with the clan, you are representing UDD at all times. We don't send hate mail, we receive it. 

12. When there is a problem in the clan, follow the ranking structure. If you have a problem, you first take it to your Corporal, if the Corporal can't solve it, they will take it to the Captain and so on. If you have a problem with the ranked member above you, you may go one member above them. 

13. Undead Dynasty is under a 3-Strike System meaning: if you break 3 of the clan rules, you will then have two options. Option 1) You must appeal to the Generals and Commander by setting up a meeting and explaining why you want to stay in UDD. They will then decide on what the next steps are. Option 2) You will be kicked out of the clan and put on the DNR (Do Not Recruit) list. 

14. Always try to help the clan grow. Whether it's helping an individual or recruiting, UDD is about teamwork. 

15. You need to check the website a minimum of once a week in order to keep up with clan information. If you miss a clan event due to not checking the website, strikes will be awarded. 
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Undead Dynasty Rules and Regulations
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