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 Undead Dynasty Ranking Structure

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PostSubject: Undead Dynasty Ranking Structure   Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:05 pm

Here you can find the ranking structure of Undead Dynasty as well as how to reach that rank within the clan. 

Important/Helpful Notes:

Squad: A Squad is ran by a Captain and made up of 2 Fireteams. 
Fireteam: A Fireteam is ran by a Corporal and made up of the Corporal + 5 Privates. 

Commander: The only Commander of Undead Dynasty is DEAD_Demon_Killa. He is the founder and leader of UDD. He makes the final decisions when it comes to anything within the clan but he also trusts his Generals to make a lot of decisions. While Demon is the leader, he does take suggestions, improvements, advice and anything else from anyone in the clan - including Recruits. 

Generals: These are Demon's most trusted officers that have shown extreme dedication and loyalty to the clan. These are people who Demon trusts with the most sacred clan information, website and clan decisions. These members take responsibilities when Demon is absent and help with promotions, meetings, schedules and anything else needing done. 
How to become a General: Promotions are received solely from Demon. 

Staff: Staff are members who have received remarkable recognition from a General or the Commander. Staff have one of the biggest leadership roles and responsibilities within the clan. This is the first rank a member can receive in which they have access to editing and working with posts on the website. Staff also help with Squad management and meetings, when necessary. Staff members are also responsible for recommending Lieutenants and Captain positions. 
How to become Staff: Members get promoted to Staff by working well with other members of the clan, helping to teach Recruits the Undead Dynasty way, helping with meetings, tournaments and any GB battles they have decided to participate in. they are people other clan members turn to for advice, help or even just a relaxing few games. 

Lieutenants: Lieutenants are clan members who have shown they are capable of being leaders in the clan. A Lieutenant is someone that has shown dedication and heart to the clan and have responsibilities within the clan. A Lieutenant has the responsibility, after a member is a Private, to put that member in the correct squad. The Lieutenant also shows up to any Ranked Officials meetings and letting their Captains know of any changes, regulations or rules put in place. The Lieutenant has 4 Squads under them and show try to be present for all Squad meetings and make sure the meetings are held within the Squads. Lieutenants work closely with both the Staff and the Captain in order to maintain a good balance throughout the clan. The Lieutenant is the go-between and they are the ones that relay any important information to the Staff from the Captain and vice versa. 
How to become a Lieutenant: Members who get promoted to Lieutenants have shown extreme promise within the clan. These are members who have shown up for meetings, tournaments and GB's they have signed up for. They have attended meetings, helped Recruits and other clan members and have been an extreme asset to UDD. A Lieutenant is a Captain or Corporal that has shown they are ready for more intense leadership within the clan. 

Captains: The Captain is charge of a singular Squad, with each Squad consisting of 2 Fireteams. The Captain is responsible for running Squad meetings, suggesting promotions of Corporals or other Captains to the Lieutenant and recruiting members. They must also make sure the Recruits are made to feel comfortable and to be signed up on the website as well as joining the Facebook, following the Twitter and explaining different parts of the website to them. Captains are also responsible for choosing the name of their Squads. 
How to become a Captain: Members get promoted to a Captain by participating in clan activities, showing up to meetings, helping recruits feel welcome in Undead Dynasty, playing with the clan and able to get along with everyone in the clan. 

Corporals: A Corporal is the very first leadership role a member can have in Undead Dynasty. The Corporal is in charge of a Fireteam which is made up of 5 Privates. The Corporal hosts Fireteam meetings, is in charge of keeping points during Fireteam Challenges and making recruits feel welcome in the clan. They are also in charge of naming their Fireteams and making sure the Privates are doing what they are supposed to be doing as well as suggesting potential Corporals to the Captain. 
How to become a Corporal: Members that get promoted to Corporal have shown a true dedication to Undead Dynasty. They have taken part in clan activities, meeting and events as well as helping Recruits feel welcome within the clan. Corporals also work closely with Captains to relay any information to their members that needs to be relayed. 

Privates: Privates are full members of Undead Dynasty and have done the following, if applicable. 

Been a Recruit for 1 week and have decided to stay with the clan. 
Signed up on the website. 
Joined the Facebook page (if applicable)
Joined the Undead Dynasty community (PSN)
Joined the Undead Dynasty Group on Black Ops 3 (if applicable)
Read and understood the rules of Undead Dynasty
Read and understood the ranking structure

Recruits: Recruits are new members of Undead Dynasty who have to remain a Recruit for 7 days on a trial run to see if Undead Dynasty is the right fit for them. 

Summary of Ranking Structure


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Undead Dynasty Ranking Structure
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